Hi! I’m Jacinta - a coach, consultant and passionate advocate for…YOU!

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I help individuals and companies to unlock their greatest potential by inspiring them to live and work with purpose and to make positive changes. I partner alongside my clients as they explore new possibilities, get clear about what they truly want and reach for their goals. I bring energy, insight, humour and compassion to all my work.

I have over 18 years of human resources experience, including working at an executive level for a large, international company. Today, I’m focussed on doing the work I really enjoy. By combining my coaching and strategic HR skills, I’m helping individuals and teams to create clarity, commitment and lasting change.

Originally from Australia, I moved to Canada in 2010. I live in Vancouver with my husband and our adorable labradoodle puppy. I love dancing, hiking, connecting with friends and seeing people come alive when they realize their potential.